Our primal commitment: Making perfect, perfectly in favour of our customers
As a part of our service, we fulfil the individual demands fast, in good quality, from designing to installation.

1. Repair service

Repair and renewal of wastewater pumps and water pumps

Maintenance service contracts: For all equipments (not just for those of bought at us) represented, sold and repaired by us, yearly preventive inspection, or product-specific service agreement tailor-made for the given equipment.

Training Transmission of knowledge for achieving a maximal product life-cycle and satisfaction of our customers. A tudás átadása a termékeink maximális életciklusának elérése és a vásárlóink elégedettsége érdekében.

We repair all pump products, particularly the following ones:
Kontroll, Caprari, Wilo, Flygt, Grundfos, Hidrostal

2. Engineering expertise activity

Optimalization of water and wastewater pumping systems. Energetic analysis of water and wastewater pumping systems, exploration of saving possibilities, composition of action plans. Elaboration of pump maintenance systems and strategies. Forming of pump operation strategies. Technical support of forming informatic systems (maintenance, operation). Composition of condition surveys (architectural, engineering, electric) and action plans. Elaboration and implementation of technical solutions for managing problems caused by odour effects and channel-contaminant materials. Pumping-technical expertise, consultation. Engineering technical inspection of pumping-technical and hydraulic-machinary investments, and managing such projects. Implementation of expertise systems, supporting efficient pump maintenance and operation.

3. Manufacturing of spare parts and individual parts

We have the following technologies: Machining: cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, carving. Welding: several kinds of repair-welding and build-up welding with programmable equipments. Soldering: vacuum-, blanket-gas soldering of hard-metal collar. Stamping: hydraulic press of 200 tons. Surface pretreatment: liquid jet quartz spreading. Surface coating: painting, plastic powder-painting. Testing: tests of electric machines, hydraulic test, cast water-seal test.

4. Services related with field-works

System optimalization: by our knowledge and wide-range experiences we do not just repair pumps, but also harmonize the whole system for perfect operation, by seeking out the reason of the fault. This promotes to increase the running time between repairs.

Solution of complex tasks: repair, conditon survey, maintenance of wastewater cleaning station, with direct replace possibility; regarding dry-chamber, submerged, portable pumps, control automatics (systems), valves or other structural elements.